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Becoming a social business doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re ready to get serious about results & embed social into the DNA of your business our consulting, strategic planning & execution services help you align efforts to business goals, prioritize and execute a plan that delivers results.

Social Business Defined
There is a difference between doing social media and being a social business. One does not necessarily require the other.

“Becoming a social business transforms the organization from the inside out, connecting the internal with the external in a way that enhances relationships and creates shared value for the people, the business and ecosystem as a whole.”

Led by our CEO, Pam Moore – Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer

With all social business consulting engagements you’ll get the 1:1 attention of Pam Moore, our Founder & CEO as well as Josh Moore, Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer. They each have 15+ years experience working with Fortune 100 organizations to entrepreneurs, helping build winning teams, brands and businesses.

Pam is ranked in the 2012 & 2013 Forbes Top 10 (#5) Social Media Women Power Influencers, & Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers overall.  She is an an avid international keynote speaker, best selling author of two books and has guts to tell you what you may not want to hear but must hear to drive results.

Pam and Josh work with businesses on new media strategies and social business frameworks to build bridges between companies, customers, employees, and stakeholders by creating experiences that inspire and connect brands with people, nurture communities and foster profitable relationships to endure technology evolution to sustain and grow business.

backed by a team of smart, social nutz!
Marketing Nutz is a full service agency chartered to take your business and marketing to the next level. Led by Pam, we’ll help you build a plan for execution within your budget and timeframe. We can provide as little or as much help as you need along the way from strategic planning, consulting, training of your executives, staff, and partners, do for you social media and marketing execution, social media campaigns, digital marketing such as website development, blog site development, custom development of social network profiles including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.

service snapshot:

  • Provides the knowledge and help needed to get a grip on social media now!
  • Comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current strategies and tactics.
  • Review and analysis of business objectives and current approach to align social.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation for brand reputation.
  • Strategic planning and goal setting.
  • Written plan summarizing findings, actionable recommendations including immediate opportunities for optimization.
  • Audience analysis to understand audience needs, pain points and goals.
  • Listen to tone, sentiment, frequency and topics of online conversations.
  • Review and analysis of social network insights and data analysis such as Facebook insights, Twitter following, YouTube statistics, LinkedIn profile optimization, Blog readership via Google Analytics, etc.
  • Focus groups to gain insights into brand perception and market needs.
  • Prioritize tactics based on impact, risk mitigation, & alignment to business objectives.
  • Social business integration with focus on optimization, growth and streamlining processes and communications.
  • Adoption of enhanced social monitoring and measurement tools, technologies & processes as appropriate.

ready to get a grip on social?

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